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The Coin Listing Competition presents the only opportunity for coins to get listed on The CryptalDash Exchange. The Competition just gets bigger, tougher and loftier as it enlists coins that support the vision of a sustainable world based on the United Nations’ 17 SDGs. Being listed on the Exchange gives coins exposure and liquidity. It’s a competition that forges team spirit and engagement among coin communities as they join forces to achieve their goals. Please see Guidelines/Mechanics inside.

Phase 20 is Live

Competition Closing Soon

Coin Name Total Points  
Bitcoin Air (XAP) 24,230 Vote
VestxCoin (Vestx) 8,420 Vote
Sekopay (SEKO) 6,790 Vote
Loopycoin (LOC) 6,060 Vote
Chaucha (CHA) 6,040 Vote
Kazucoin (KAZU) 4,310 Vote
KWHCoin (KWH) 0 Vote
Bitibu Coin (BTB) 0 Vote
Waggox (WAGGOX) 0 Vote
Afri (Af™) 0 Vote
Penguin (PENG) 0 Vote

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