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Phase 7 of the New Coin Listing Competition has ended.

Phase 8 will start on July 4th

These are the Phase 1 Winners


AdCoin (ACC)

ColossusCoinXT (COLX)

Creamcoin (CRM)


ReddCoin (RDD)

These are the Phase 2 Winners

Wagerr (WGR)

Bitcoin W Spectrum (BWS)

Mooncoin (MOON)

eBitcoin (eBTC)

Experience Points (XP)

These are the Phase 3 Winners (BRO)

PACcoin (PAC)

Nihilo Coin (NIHL)

Maecenas (ART)

Version (V)

These are the Phase 4 Winners

Payfair (PFR)

MedicCoin (Medic)

Burst (BURST)

01coin (ZOC)

Ignition (IC)

These are the Phase 5 Winners

Carebit (Care)

DeepOnion (ONION)


Green Movement (GMV)

EmergencyCoin (ENY)

These are the Phase 6 Winners

It's not too late. You can still vote for your favorite coins today and be listed for phase 7!


Silent Notary (SNTR)

Instant Listing

Dimecoin (DIME)