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Bitcoin W Spectrum (BWS) Community Page

Phase 7 of the New Coin Listing Competition has ended.

Phase 8 will start on July 4th


Points: 330

Current Place: 44 / 3,542

1 - Social Shares

Shares Required: 1,000 (1 share = 10points)
Shares Completed:

2 - Social Follows

Follows Required: 1,000 (1 follow = 10points)
Follows Completed:

3 - ICO Token

Points Required: 80,000
Points Completed: 0

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  1. The points earned by each coin are checked each day for fake votes, spamming, and other similar activities. Since the competition receives a huge number of fake votes, please note that the points seen on the page are not the final and verified numbers.
  2. Winners of the Coin Listing Competition are subject to the rules and regulations of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and other regulatory bodies.
  3. Buying CRD tokens is considered a term of involvement of the CRD community and should not be considered as payment for listing.