CryptalDash Exchange Masternodes

The First Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange Masternode





What is a CryptalDash Masternode

The CryptalDash Exchange Masternodes mean a Lifetime Membership at the Exchange. These are CryptalDash Exchange accounts holding at least 1 Million CRD tokens in the Exchange. CryptalDash Masternode Holders or Lifetime Members operate as validators of full nodes of the decentralized CryptalDash network.

How does it work


Buy 1M CRD Tokens


Receive key for start command


Accomplish tasks in the CryptalDash network


Earn CRD tokens as compensation

As a Lifetime Member of the CryptalDash Exchange, you get to be part of the platform's journey as you will own one of the lifetime nodes on CryptalDash's blockchain of the performance of certain functions. The function of the Lifetime Members on the CrpytalDash Exchange will be to help with the continuous efficiency of the platform while executing a variety of tasks on a decentralized framework. These tasks include:

Masternode Functions

  • High-level transaction confirmation and verification
  • Security contribution through Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
  • Variety of other tasks that contribute to the improvement of the current and future requirement of CryptalDash Infastructure and processes

Masternode Compersation

For accomplishing these tasks in the network, Masternodes will be compensated. They will earn money for operating assets in the Cryptaldash Exchange. Compensation for running the network is determined by trading volume, as demonstrated by the table below:

Monthly trading volume Just lowered from $1 Billion to $0 $2 Billion $3 Billion $4 Billion $5 Billion $6 Billion and Up
Compensation* 20% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

*Compensation is divided between masternodes, with all allocations determined by their number of nodes and how active they are. Payout in monthly and is given in CRD tokens.

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