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CryptalDash collective buying power creates market liquidity and opportunity. Participate in exclusive daily deals to buy TOP cryptos with BIG discount.

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Big Discount On TOP Cryptos Using CRD Tokens

When markets are trading sideways or going down, big sellers can’t find enough buyers for their side and price. If they try to sell in the open market, the price will drop by a big percentage, making the price extremely unattractive. CryptalDash creates a collective buying power by aggregating small buyers, thus creating the liquidity for large scale sellers. We set the buying price below the market, yet very attractive for big sellers, thus obtaining the discount for our community.

CryptalDash is able to pass the discount released in OTC Desk to our Community. Effectively Becoming the Groupon of the Crypto world. CryptalDash Exclusive Daily Deals introducing an opportunity to purchase TOP cryptos with BIG discount using CryptalDash (CRD) tokens. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH and more will be made available for a discounted flash sale every day.


There Are Few Steps To Participate In Deals

Step 1

Click «Participate in deals» to complete the form

Step 2

Buy CRD tokens to participate in exclusive daily deals

Step 3

Exchange CRD to TOP 5 cryptos with big price discount

Affiliate program

Earn More With Affiliate Program

Receive up to 50% from all referral exchange fees paid in CRD tokens directly to your CryptalDash account. Refer at least 5 users who combined purchased not less than $6,000 in CRD tokens equivalent and get a VIP status. VIPs get 5% commissions on all sales generated by their referrals and get exclusive access to 20% of the total offer in the Exclusive Daily Deals.

The more people you refer, the higher becomes your earning potential. In order to become an Affiliate, simply sign up for the CryptalDash Deals and get your unique affiliate link. As an affiliate, you will have a range of tools allowing to promote CryptalDash effectively, including our custom Telegram Bot for group admins. Learn More

Step 1

Sign up for the CryptalDash Exclusive Daily Deals

Step 2

Receive email with your unique Affiliate Link

Step 3

Share the link and Earn Commissions on all purchases

Step 4

Participate in affiliate competition and Win Masternode!

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