Co-promotion Submission Form - Coin Listing Competition

We appreciate your efforts into participating in the Coin Listing Competition and we’re into rewarding your hard work with more points and provide your team and community more leverage in the competition.

Submit your co-promotion URLs below:

Prerequisites For High-Leverage Tasks

1,000 points per high-leverage task

1,000 points is equivalent to $1,000 in ICO tokens

  • Telegram
    • should be posted by community admin
    • everyday post until end of the Phase
    • @gailcryptaldash should be tagged in every post
  • Bitcoin Forum
    • CryptalDash Banner/Logo (w/ link) should be on the Announcement Group Banner
  • Crypto related FB Community
    • 15,000 members
  • Guest post on an authoritative crypto site
  • Get an influencer to discuss about CryptalDash
  • Reddit
    • with enough traction that is proportionate to the subreddit
    • post should reach the front page of the subreddit
  • CryptalDash Exchange Logos on Websites
    • under exchange section
    • a banner/widget