Affiliate program

To become an Affiliate, simply sign up for the CryptalDash Deals and get your unique affiliate link in the user panel.


Receive 5% commissions on all “Deals” purchases made by your referrals!


Receive up 50% from all the exchange fees generated by your referrals!


Become a VIP and get access to the Exclusive Daily Deals “VIP Pool”!


Participate in our Affiliate Competition, the winner gets a masternode!

What makes CryptalDash Affiliate Program so unique

High commissions

Our affiliate program has no limitations! More purchases by your referrals will earn you more income. CryptalDash pays 50% commission from exchange fees generated by all your referrals. In addition, our affiliates receive 5% commissions from all sales generated by referrals who participate in the Exclusive Daily Deals.

VIP Status

Refer at least 5 users who combined have purchased not less than $6,000 in CRD tokens equivalent and get a VIP status. VIPs get access to the 20% of all available discounted tokens available in the CryptalDash Exclusive Daily Deals. These 20%, reserved specifically for VIPs, are distributed on the first come first served basis.

Affiliate Competition

CryptalDash is excited to present the Affiliate Competition, where best contributor will get massive reward. An affiliate who’s referrals purchased highest amount of CRD tokens will get rewarded with a full CRD Masternode. As a masternode holder, winner will become the owner of 1 Million CRD tokens and receive a monthly masternode rewards.

Daily Reports

Thanks to a clear and intuitive dashboard, affiliates can always check their statistics. Affiliates can track the activity of their referrals, such as number of referred users and generated commissions. Commissions are credited to affiliates in CRD tokens, directly to their CryptalDash account and are displayed in the user dashboard.

Promo Tools

With our affiliate program, you will have a range of tools allowing to promote CryptalDash Exchange and Exclusive Daily Deals effectively. Affiliates can access advanced promotional tools like custom landing pages, deep links, custom banners and much more. Telegram admins can use our Affiliate Bot, which will automatically post updates about Daily Deals with your personal affiliate link.

CRD Potential

CryptalDash Exclusive Daily Deals introducing an opportunity to purchase TOP cryptos with BIG discount using CryptalDash (CRD) tokens. This could result in more registrations and increased trade volume at CryptalDash, thus creating higher demand for the CRD tokens. Subsequently it can result in CRD price increase for the benefit of the Exchange as well as all Affiliates holding CRD tokens.

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