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CryptalDash™ is a robust crypto exchange built by industry veterans and equipped with an institutional grade matching engine and third party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities.

Token Sale ends in









Total Amount Raised: $5,292,472

Phase 1 180 Million Price $ 0.01
Phase 2 100 Million Price $ 0.013
Phase 3 100 Million Price $ 0.015
Phase 4 100 Million Price $ 0.017
Phase 5 300 Million Price $ 0.02

Accessed Exchanges

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CryptalDash™ is a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. It’s equipped with an institutional grade matching engine and third party crypto exchange order routing capabilities. This enables a seamless trading experience between several exchanges at once and opens to door to better price discovery (arbitrage).

Two Worlds. One Solution

CryptalDash™ is in a position to offer the leading single-access interface and tools that will appeal to crypto-enthusiasts and institutional traders.

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Trading That Works

CryptalDash™ improves price and product discovery contributing to a frictionless ecosystem and market.
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High End Technolgies & Premium Services


Distributed Ledgers

Unique Transaction Records Zero Interventions by Central Authorities


Open API

Flexible Deployable Across Channels Integrated User Experience


Smart Contracts

Customizable well-executed contract and events



Accurate & Consistent Immutable Records


Digital Signature

Identity Authentication and Protection

Lifetime Membership

A Lifetime Member is defined as any account holding more than 1,000,000 CRD

Trading & Exchange Services

0.10 % per Trade or 0.03% if paid with CRD tokens

Premium Services

Robot Advisory Application & Peer-to-Peer Lending and Borrowing

CryptalDash Roadmap


Value Maintenance Plan

Our plan includes compensation to our Lifetime Members. Compensation will be indexed on the volume of trades executed monthly. Fore more information refer to Whitepaper.


CRD - Value & Maintenance Plan

Members will be able to use CRD tokens to pay for services offered by CryptalDash at significant discounts.


Token Sale

CryptalDash (CRD) shall be issued in exchange for a number of Cryptocurrencies based on the smart contract. Token holders will be able to use CRD to pay for services provided by CryptalDash.

CRD Distribution

Management teams and employees will be allocated 15% of all tokens over time to align their interests with increasing the value of tokens. 5% will be attributed to advisors, who will advise us until a fully functional platform provider is in operation. The pre-CRD will be used to determine the hard cap for CRD smart contracts. The initial reference price of a CRD will be $0.01 USD per token.


Allocation Of The Funds

Funds shall be allocated between, Technology, Marketing and operations as follows:


Documents And Resources

Meet The Team

Amine Larhrib

Founder and Managing Director

Amine Larhrib is the founder and the Managing Director and is responsible for the overall activities of CryptalDash. Prior to founding CryptalDash, Amine spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in both Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. During his tenure, Amine held a number of senior client coverage roles across various asset classes. His responsibilities span from Sovereign Wealth Funds across the EMEA to Equity Derivatives Interbank intermediation .

Prior to founding CryptalDash, Amine worked on a variety on consumer goods and technology related startups. Amine holds a Master's of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelors of Commerce from McGill University.

Frequently Asked Questions

CryptalDash is a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Equipped with an institutional grade matching engine as well as third party cryptocurrency exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one Dashboard which enables a seamless trading Experience.
CryptalDash not only enables the trading across platforms and Crypto Assets, but also across-platform which enables effective price and product discovery. CryptalDash has one of the most robust matching engines in the Crypto-Market space.
Absolutely not! However, you need to be a CRD token holder to avail services and transact on the platform. Cryptal Dash tokens can be purchased through our ICO. As we expect a high registration volume, we guaranty account opening for members of the CryptalDash community holding CRD tokens.
The CRD token is primarily a utility token that can be used for:
  • Paying Trading Fees
  • Funding Withdrawal Fees
  • And More CryptalDash Connected activities to be unveiled
Yes. CryptalDash is tradable across exchanges. With many digital currency exchange platforms available, users can easily convert CryptalDash to traditional currencies, or to other digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) etc. On we do not support fiat, Nevertheless CRD will be available to trade against all major cryptocurrencies which can then be easily converted into other fiat.
Absolutely not! CryptalDash is built by industry veterans. We are consistently building checks and balances in the system. We’ve implemented an array of tools to detect suspicious reviews or fake identities to ensure the integrity of the platform.
The CryptalDash ICO is your chance to participate in the tokanized crypto exchange environment. Historically, tokens issued by crypto exchange have performed very well. CryptalDash is a project coming to fruition and we will be deploying our final product on april 15th.
CryptalDash will charge a 0.10% fixed fee per trade. We will not plan to charge fees upward of the original 0.10%. Steep discounts are available when fees are paid with CRD tokens.

Margin Fee
Margin services will have associated costs related.

Listing Fee
We will a listing fees in certain cases.

Other Fees
There may be other fees.

Withdrawal Fee
CryptalDash may charge withdrawal fees in the future.
CryptalDash ICO will be held on the CryptalDash platform itself click on the link in the top menu, register and follow the instructions.
All accounts created during the token sale will:
  • Automatically open an account in the platform
  • Receive their CRD directly in their CryptalDash Exchange account
This process guarantees account availability for CRD token holders who are part of the CRD community.

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