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The World's First Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange

We Integrate the Following Exchanges:


Amount Raised


Tranche Price Bonus Remaining Tokens
9 $0.0300 25.00% SOLD OUT
10 $0.0350 18.75% SOLD OUT
11 $0.0400 0% SOLD OUT


Soft Cap

Sold in 3 days

Token Sold

CRD 780,000,000

Hard Cap

CRD 780,000,000

100% SOLD

End of Token Sale









We Integrate the Following Exchange:

Founding Club Membership Bonus

  • Early Access To the Exhange (Now Live)
  • Up to 1ETH Trading Credit ($4.7 Million Lifetime)
  • Gold Tier Support
  • First access to AI/ML trading bots
  • Lifetime free access to annual founders club meetup

Participate in a Proven Business Model


Trade on the CryptalDash Exchange

CryptalDash™ enables a seamless trading experience, all under one dashboard.


Access to 3rd Party Exchanges

The CryptalDash Exchange offers seamless navigation and a unified access to 3rd party crypto exchanges, resulting in better price discovery. It connects users to different exchanges, currently across five mainstream cryptocurrency markets, including ETH, BTC, Dash, XEM and XRP. CryptalDash gives traders an opportunity to browse through various markets simultaneously, compare prices, and trade without the errors that you experience in multi-platform trading.


Integration with Bloomberg Data

CryptalDash offers a “two worlds, one solution” approach to crypto trading. In order to aggregate both institutional and retail liquidity pools, the platform is built connected to major software vendors, such as Bloomberg, MetaTrader5, Trading Technologies, ORC, SUNGARD and CQG. This integration gives the CryptalDash Exchange a definite advantage over other new cryptocurrency marketplaces.


Integration with Trading View World Class Charting

The CryptalDash Exchange allows for easier and faster trading decisions via the integration of advanced trading visualization platform, TradingView. Through TradingView, traders in CryptalDash have access to a wealth of tools and data. For instance, it makes it easy to look for basic price charts or to plot complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting. Additionally, this integration allows CryptalDash traders to connect with other traders across the globe, discuss ideas, and initiate live orders.


Cross Market Execution and Views

All CryptalDash accounts operate within a multi-level relationship model. It supports at venue, member/broker, and end client levels. This makes it possible to monitor aggregate outstanding level positions and commitments. Furthermore, this model allows you to create different groups of accounts which may have specific regulations or restrictions, such as segregated house and client accounts and online retail trading accounts. When orders are received, the trade accounts are matched to the available accounts for that connection.


AI-Enabled Cross Market Arbitrage Execution

The CryptalDash Exchange offers AI-enabled cross market arbitrage execution, with bots identifying exploitable opportunities among exchanges. Traders no longer need to code their trading systems to become integrated with multiple exchanges. The CryptalDash AI system does the heavy lifting and keeps improving based on machine learning algorithm and big data. On this exchange, arbitrage opportunities are easily determined across platforms, backed by AI-based decision making.


Institutional Trading Tools Integration (MetaTrader)

The CryptalDash Exchange is fully integrated with the institutional trading tools provided by MetraTrader 5. MetaTrader 5 is a full-cycle platform that includes all elements that a company may need in order to provide comprehensive brokerage services without the need of any additional software. The MetaTrader 5 platform supports White Label licenses, provides enhanced back-end functionality, connectivity gateways for exchanges, liquidity providers, as well as various APIs for integration with your website, trading and post-trading systems.


Low Latency, 1M Trades Per Second

CryptalDash is leveraged upon the low latency of 1,000,000 trades per second. The first release of the CryptalDash system offers its users high volume trading at 1,000,000 orders per second, and is capable of processing 1,500,000 per second. In the context of high-frequency trading (HFT), latency refers to the amount of time it takes for information to reach a trader’s computer, for them to place an order in response to that information, and for the order to be received by an exchange.


100 New Altcoins Integrated in 2018

There is no limit to the number of mainstream coins listed on the CryptalDash Exchange. This removes the complicated process that results from trading in a single exchange with popular coins but with limited tech offering. The platform also gives an opportunity for newer and smaller coins to be listed via the Coin Listing Competition.


World’s First DASH Marketplace

The CryptalDash Exchange is launching the very first DASH market which will allow users to trade new coins with DASH. This will help advance DASH’s position as a leading liquid cryptocurrency by making it a common base denominator of crypto-pairs. Starting June 19, 2018, traders would be able to trade BTC/DASH, ETH/DASH, FIAT/DASH, while new trading pairs are to be added in May 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

CryptalDash is a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Equipped with an institutional grade matching engine as well as third party cryptocurrency exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one Dashboard which enables a seamless trading Experience.
CryptalDash not only enables the trading across platforms and Crypto Assets, but also across-platform which enables effective price and product discovery. CryptalDash has one of the most robust matching engines in the Crypto-Market space.
Absolutely not! However, you need to be a CRD token holder to avail services and transact on the platform. Cryptal Dash tokens can be purchased through our ICO. As we expect a high registration volume, we guarantee account opening for members of the CryptalDash community holding CRD tokens.
The CRD token is primarily a utility token that can be used for:
  • Paying Trading Fees
  • Funding Withdrawal Fees
  • And More CryptalDash Connected activities to be unveiled
Yes. CryptalDash is tradable across exchanges. With many digital currency exchange platforms available, users can easily convert CryptalDash to traditional currencies, or to other digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) etc. On we do not support fiat, Nevertheless CRD will be available to trade against all major cryptocurrencies which can then be easily converted into other fiat.
Absolutely not! CryptalDash is built by industry veterans. We are consistently building checks and balances in the system. We’ve implemented an array of tools to detect suspicious reviews or fake identities to ensure the integrity of the platform.
The CryptalDash ICO is your chance to participate in the tokanized crypto exchange environment. Historically, tokens issued by crypto exchange have performed very well. CryptalDash is a project coming to fruition and we will be deploying our final product on april 15th.
CryptalDash will charge a 0.10% fixed fee per trade. We will not plan to charge fees upward of the original 0.10%. Steep discounts are available when fees are paid with CRD tokens.

Margin Fee
Margin services will have associated costs related.

Listing Fee
We will a listing fees in certain cases.

Other Fees
There may be other fees.

Withdrawal Fee
CryptalDash may charge withdrawal fees in the future.
CryptalDash ICO will be held on the CryptalDash platform itself click on the link in the top menu, register and follow the instructions.
All accounts created during the token sale will:
  • Automatically open an account in the platform
  • Receive their CRD directly in their CryptalDash Exchange account
This process guarantees account availability for CRD token holders who are part of the CRD community.
Yes, CryptalDash token sales operate via the Ethereum platform, using the ERC-20 token standard.
Coinpayments is the world’s largest payment processor for cryptocurrencies - giving you a safe & secure way to buy CRD tokens via a third party.
We use Coinpayments because they have a decentralized marketplace that protects your purchases.
With instant transactions, minimal fees and a payment solution for over 55 cryptocurrencies, it’s a secure system you can trust.
You can track your payments in 5 simple steps:
  • Log in to your CryptalDash account.
  • From the dashboard, go to Account and then click Transaction History.
  • From there, find the payment you want to track.
  • Then click Status on the right hand side of the transaction.
  • Finally, you will be redirected to where you can find the real-time status of your transaction.
Please note: Your CryptalDash transactions/payments can take a few hours to reflect on your account.
You will automatically receive an email notification from the CryptalDash Team once your transaction has been successful.
Transactional delays are expected and that’s why we allow a maximum of 24 hours.
We’re here to help you! Contact our 24/7 customer support team via live chat here.
You can also ask questions and receive the latest updates via Telegram and Facebook.
Yes! CryptalDash offers multifactor dynamic authentication to ensure your account is secure.

When you sign into your account, you can activate 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. Once enabled, every time you log-in you will be able to generate a new secret key.

At CryptalDash, your security is our priority. In fact, we’ll soon become one of the first exchanges to integrate world leading CIVIC (Blockchain Identity Validation Technology) to enhance your security and protect your account.

Token Sale

CryptalDash (CRD) shall be issued in exchange for a number of Cryptocurrencies based on the smart contract. Token holders will be able to use CRD to pay for services provided by CryptalDash.

CRD Distribution

Management teams and employees will be allocated 15% of all tokens over time to align their interests with increasing the value of tokens. 5% will be attributed to advisors, who will advise us until a fully functional platform provider is in operation. The pre-CRD will be used to determine the hard cap for CRD smart contracts. The initial reference price of a CRD will be $0.01 USD per token.


Allocation Of The Funds

Funds shall be allocated between, Technology, Marketing and operations as follows:


Documents And Resources

Meet The Team

Amine Larhrib

Founder and Managing Director

Amine Larhrib is the founder and the Managing Director and is responsible for the overall activities of CryptalDash. Prior to founding CryptalDash, Amine spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in both Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. During his tenure, Amine held a number of senior client coverage roles across various asset classes. His responsibilities span from Sovereign Wealth Funds across the EMEA to Equity Derivatives Interbank intermediation .

Prior to founding CryptalDash, Amine worked on a variety on consumer goods and technology related startups. Amine holds a Master's of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelors of Commerce from McGill University.

Duncan Symmons

Chief Engineering

Duncan has over 30 years of experience in developing world class trading systems. In 2000 he was appointed Managing Director of Japan and Global Head of Exchange Solutions for Patsystems (one of the largest high performance exchange software companies in the world). In 2010, while also serving as Chairman of the Technology Committee of the FIA Japan, he founded Touch-Fire.

He has a diverse range of development experience – from satellite and military communications systems to GSM mobile phone network development (the first in Europe under Ericsson) and network design. Duncan's teams have built matching and clearing solutions for 7 exchanges in Japan and Asia. Duncan Holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Bradford University.

Iain Bell

Trading Automation Architecture

Market professional with 30+ years of varied experience across the trading, finance and software development industries. CEO of Quadrant Capital, a money management firm operating across the proprietary trading/hedge fund space. Engaged in fully automated systematic, algorithmic trading. Operation is through the use of internally developed, fully automated, software agents.

Specialties: Leading and managing teams engaged in the development and management of automated, algorithmic, systematic trading frameworks. . Automated strategy development using advanced AI/Machine Learning technology and live trading of the models and strategies produced.

Pieter Jan Bakhuijzen

Network expert and Security Advisory

Pieter Jan Bakhuijzen is Dash (DASH) early community member, he is a specialist in managing infrastructure for the Dash network and a leading member of the Dash community. He’s a Network Consultant with LAN, WAN, Security and Cisco CCIE specialization.

Architect, designer and lead engineer for several international projects in the area of Datacenter, LAN, WAN & Security. Experience in the public, financial, industry, logistics sector. Focus on the customer, bypassing risk by investing in project preparation and depth research instead of building the plane when it's already in the air. Features include accuracy, quality, end-to-end solutions.

Jack FitzGerald

Chief Marketing Officer

Jack has been creating and running online businesses for over 10 years. From startups to exits and running his own ad agency, he has experienced all avenues when it comes to marketing online. Jack’s specialities are Media Buying, Marketing Automation, Full Funnel Marketing and Scaling!

Ruell Magpayo

Trading System Engineer

More than twelve (12) years of professional I.T. experience in Software Engineering on various platforms and a team lead and head of software architecture.

He is experienced in applications and kernel development for multiple platforms including development of device drivers, middlewares and applications. With his extensive in developing various user oriented Windows applications implementing various Microsoft technologies. Ruell also possesses Experience in development and design on embedded environment including Texas Instrument’s Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and ARM CPUs. Excellent understanding of Design Patterns and Object Oriented Concepts. Ruells background is feed by a Vast knowledge in standard tools in graphics and game development.

Ruel Mindo

Lead Full Stack developer

Expert Software Developer dedicated to constantly improving tools and infrastructure to maximize productivity, minimize system downtime and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business.

Ninebeth Padojinog

Business analyst

Experienced in requirements elicitation Nine brings to the team Excellent analytical skills, able to understand and identify business needs and transform them into requirements specification. As well as a strong ability to identify strength and weaknesses of the current business processes and suggest areas for improvement.

She establishes and maintains agreements between project stakeholders and the development team on changing requirements due to changes and constraints in business environment.

Hani Benyahya

CFTe: OTC Desk Trading Advisory

Hani is a well-seasoned emerging and frontier markets trader. He brings to the team a great knowledge of price movements in relatively low volume and highly volatile market places.

Hani Holds a Master’s Degree in Capital Markets. He is currently an equity trader for a large emerging markets Asset Management house

Lifetime Membership

A Lifetime Member is defined as any account holding more that 1,000,000 CRD on the Exchange.

Decentralized Blockchain operated by Lifetime members: We are building a decentralized system to help the exchange with a variety of tasks. Lifetime Members will be compensated for the service they provide via our lifetime membership compensation.

The operators of the Lifetime Members Nodes are responsible for running an efficient decentralized network infrastructure that has a variety of crucial functions such as:

• High-Level Transaction Confirmation
• Security Contribution through Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
• Variety of other tasks contributing to the improvement of current and future requirement of CryptalDash infrastructure and processes, be it in security or other operational users of available computing power.

Lifetime Member Requirements:

• A Start Command to access and operate the CryptalDash Blockchain
• Start Command abilities are given to any holder of CRD 1M
• Compensation is as per our Value Maintenance Plan based on volumes of transactions realised as per the table.


Become A Partner

Exchange Giveaways

To celebrate we're giving away USD $4,726,751 in trading credit for the first 31,110 users to create an account.

Winners ETH Per User ETH in USD*
10 1.00 $5,439
100 0.80 $43,514
1,000 0.60 $326,358
10,000 0.40 $2,175,720
20,000 0.20 $2,175,720
*Prices may vary as per market rate

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